From an early age, Brandon Darrett watched his parents Michael & Terri, foster a healthy organization for the youth in the inner city of Evansville, Indiana. With the support of many others like his older brother Michael, they cultivated a youth basketball program that not only became a beacon for talented individuals but furthermore, empowered, uplifted and nurtured their gifts in which Brandon also benefited from. 

With that same passion and admiration for the youth, he incorporated that with his love of art. In 2017, Replenished became an idea to uplift and unlock the creativity of our next generation of bright minds, while giving children the control and power to remind themselves of who they are - in a society that is filled with social media which can be a gift and a curse. Art can invoke emotion and inspire, that's why in 2019, Brandon created this multipurpose activity book to allow children to Replenish themselves, as they work through a number of activities, illustrations and illuminating subjects. 

Children need to be able to Replenish themselves in order to spread their light to others. It's simply not enough for us to remind our children just how bright and special they are, when we can literally help them to empower their sense of self confidence, their natural gifts and spread that light to the world around them. It's simply remarkable to see children have such an enthusiasm and open mind towards life, that will ultimately allow them to shape the world they want to see by unlocking that creativity and endless imagination to empower the next generation.

Replenished is just one useful tool that will cultivate the exact environments for our young people to initiate that self-motivation that we as adults sometimes lack. Ultimately, it will help our future leaders and creators to kick start their growth to shine brighter than the generation before them.

As Nelson Mandela beautifully once said, "as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

We hope you enjoy the book and we look forward to seeing what our future generation of stars can create as they Replenish.